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Welcome!NEW FRESHMEN AND TRANSFER STUDENTS MUST CHOOSE EITHER ON-GROUND OR SKYPE ADVISING - LIST NEW STUDENT IN COMMENT SECTION! Choose your preferred advising method, and book with your ASSIGNED ADVISOR. NOTE: appointments cannot be booked more than two weeks in advance, so if someone appears to be fully booked, it means their next two weeks are full.
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People & Resources
Rebecca Garrett
Academic Advisor
Photography Video/Film Production A-I
Tim Kniseley
Academic Advisor
Animation Music Business A-F
Trever Thomas
Academic Advisor
Audio Production S-Z Music Business N-Z
Janae Daniels
Academic Advisor
Journalism Media Studies
Lucille Wilcox
Academic Advisor
Media Management New Media Communication
Tiffany Milfort
Academic Advisor
Advertising Public Relations PR-Recording Industry Visual Communication
Nancy Stubblefield
Academic Advisor
Video/Film Production J-Z Music Business G-M
Stephanie Maxwell
Academic Advisor
Audio Production A-J
Olivia Young
Advising Manager
Audio Production K-R Commercial Songwriting RIM Dual Concentration Due to overbooking, I can only meet with my assigned advisees. You'll be cancelled if you aren't my student.

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